Brave and Crazy

Tribute to Melissa Etheridge

Kris Diehl, Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica

Cristina Crago, Lead Guitar

Sabrina Johnson, Bass Guitar, Back-up vocals

Kat G. , Percussion

Fearless Love | Nervous | Like The Way I Do | I’m The Only One | Come to My Window | Must Be Crazy For Me | Chrome Plated Heart | I Want To Come Over | Refugee | Lucky | No Souvenirs | Take My Number | Pulse | Kiss Me |  Ain’t it Heavy | Bring Me Some  Water | Monster | Ain’t That Bad | You Can Sleep While I Drive | Miss California | Similar Features | Angels Would Fall | Meet Me in the Back | If I Wanted To | 

Upcoming shows

Brave and Crazy at Pittsburgh Pride, June 8 2019